BT Business wanted to increase sales of its most complete telephone and online subscription package, BT Complete, without having to spend money on advertising it. #ogilvychange was briefed to review the client registration process for BT Completer’s clients, and made behavioural adaptations to the email sent out to potential corporate clients.


After carrying out a behavioural e-commerce analysis of the existing content marketing via the email channel, BT conducted an A/B test using two behavioural adaptations to copy and layout. The first copy change was based on the theory of social norms, which states that our subconscious decision-making process is heavily influenced by our perception of other people’s behaviour. We accordingly added a text underlining the fact that thousands of companies already use BT Complete. The second change was based on surveys showing that people find it difficult to assimilate large amounts of text, and consequently refrain from taking the information on board. We accordingly formulated an easier-to-read email by creating clearly delineated sections with associated headings.   


A total of 47,000 of BT Complete’s clients received the behaviourally adapted email. Interestingly enough, the results of the “social norms test” showed a minimal increase, but the results of the “text test” generated a huge response frequency of 47%.